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Thank you to Fracture for allowing me to create my own Fracture products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.

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After two more orders consisting of 20 prints the change in printing process now generates much lower quality images and the color is terrible.Along the way we will also look at travel opportunities, great food and throw in some humor and real life situations and stories.

Every Fracture is made by hand in Gainesville, Florida, and comes with a happiness guarantee and lifetime warranty.Back then you had to lug a round a large camera, and wait for film to be developed before you could see what pictures you had.Fracture prints your photos in vivid color, directly to glass.

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Plus we include everything you need to hang them on your walls and offer stands for tabletop display.Think of this as the digital equivalent of the ice sculpture.

The wall mount on the back makes hanging it on the wall a breeze.

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We are the number one place to have your photos printed on glass.Family photo wall with glass prints from Fracture is a great way to show off your beautiful photographs.

At one point in history, this type of thing—screening photos directly onto glass—was reserved for bishops and French monarchs and took years to create.No frame you have to match to your decor, no pointless matting, nothing to distract from your work.

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That may be defeating the purpose of this type of printing though.This post contains sponsored content including affiliate links.I am a sucker for everything photo- canvas prints, photo books, photo collages, just about photo anything.

Our acrylic glass prints standardly come with picture hanging system.Glass Photo Prints-Fractures are different from traditional pictures and frames.

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Introducing Fracture, a new site that transforms your digital pictures into glass masterpieces, available online now.Our favorite discoveries were sea glass — blue, green, or amber.

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Most of them were taken for the restraining order hearing, but the rest are of my children, wife, and various permutations thereof.

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I wish you the best of luck if you take the time to enter this new Blogger Opportunity.Picture taking has been a way for people to hold onto memories, create art, and share a piece of their lives since the camera was invented.The idea behind Fracture began in 2008, when founders Abhi Lokesh and Alex Theodore wanted to revolutionize the way pictures were framed.

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Such a curving fracture surface is characteristic of glass and other brittle materials with no crystal structure.Please read the supply list and the entire instructable before beginning.

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass.Your photos are printed in full color on smooth glass and arrive ready to hang. (no need for framing) We utilize a specialized UV cured printing technology so your images are printed directly to glass.I tried Fracture, a photo service that prints your pictures right onto a solid piece of glass.

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