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The stratospheric polar vortex is a large-scale region of air that is contained by a strong west-to-east jet stream that circles the polar region.

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ENGLISH Polar Cadence Sensor is designed to measure cadence, i.e. crank revolutions per minute, when cycling.

Use the TPolarSPD component to communicate with the Polar Speed Sensor.Create a Polar Angular Plot of a Mathematical Expression Polar plots are 2D plots, like XY plots are.

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Only, instead of plotting X versus Y, you plot r (some length) at some angle, between 0 and 360 degrees.

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At 45 degrees there are some circles, due to sailing to high, slowing down, picking up speed and pointing higher again.

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Scientists allay fears of Geomagnetic Pole Shift in the near future A group of researchers have studied ancient volcanic rocks to conclude that Earth's magnetic field is a long time away from "flipping" even if the magnetic field's intensity is reducing fairly fast.For example, heartrate and speed can be viewed as a line graph that provides some retrospective context for the current.

POPULAR SPEED is a social media driven website featuring exclusive content, photographs, news and pointed editorials.Polar Speed Sensor is a Bluetooth LE based sensor from Polar.

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This jet stream is usually referred to as the polar night jet.

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In the past, the Ockam system required very strict data ranges to provide polar information through the 037 Performance Index.

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ENGLISH The Polar CS speed Sensor W.I.N.D. is designed to measure speed and distance when cycling.Also know as polars, VSK provides for up to 10 types for each sail configuration per boat however, accessing these polar diagrams is not straight forward.

Create a Polar Angular Plot of a Mathematical Expression

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The polar vortex extends from the tropopause (the dividing line between the stratosphere.The simple truth is that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals require specific and completely.

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This video has been recorded in Polar Speed Kennel, in Lapland.Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals require specific and completely uncompromising supply chain support.Get the most out of your cycling training with the wireless Polar Speed Sensor W.I.N.D., which offers 2.4 GHz disturbance-free transmission.

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The speed sensor accurately measures your cycling speed and distance while the cadence sensor measures real-time and average pedaling rate of your ride.A polar diagram is a compact way of graphing the relationship among 3 or 4 variables.

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For a boat hull, a simple way to think of theoretical boat speed is that a vessel is limited by the wave that boats hull creates.


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The Polar DC Generators are designed and optimized to deliver high currents at low voltages which is required for battery charging and operating DC loads.Polar Speed Distribution Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical pre wholesale business, operating exclusively across the UK Healthcare market.Compatible with the Polar CS600 cycling computer, it measures cycling speed.

It is the only complete cycling system that combines heart rate with speed, distance, altitude, ascent, cadence and optional power output.

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Polar Speed Sensor is designed to measure speed and distance when cycling.During the winter we organize different length huskyrides and safaris and guided visits in the park.