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You might imagine an old monk teaching a small boy in a remote temple, you might smile as you think about the old Shaw Brothers movies that you used to watch on TV, or you might think about athletic monks in bright uniforms flying and flipping across the stage as they.Martial arts traditions in Japan and Korea, and Southeast Asia cite Chinese influence as transmitted by Buddhist monks.

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ABOUT KUNG FU — Kung Fu is a label used to describe Martial Arts that comes from China.

Bodhidharma (Ta Mo in Chinese) is a legendary figure who is believed to have visited the Shaolin Temple in the 6th century.The Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most famous style of martial arts, that form physical and mental strength.

The Foundation course builds on the fitness developed at Preparation level and introduces basic Shaolin Sanshou skills, the Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan form and body conditioning in the form of bag and pad work.Wing Chun is one of the strongest, most direct Kung fu styles.The Shaolin Warrior Program is by far our most popular course.Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and a number of other martial arts movie stars have also made Kung Fu one of the most famous forms.

Personally study Kung Fu under professional masters with authentic lineages.Shaolin Ten-Animal is a famous set in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

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Much of the history of kung fu has a long oral tradition and some scholars question the validity of a lot of what is believed.

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At its core are the 5-Animal forms (Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane and Dragon).

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While there, he taught the monks a series of exercises that some believe developed into modern day Kung Fu.

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Hundreds of Kung Fu Yes students have enjoyed from this effective learning system.

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Our Mission The Shaolin Gung Fu Institute at is committed to providing reliable and accurate information about Shaolin (kung fu, philosophy, history, martial arts styles, training techniques, etc).The Result Is An Eye-Opening, Jaw-Dropping Delight For Any Kung Fu Fan.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation (Level 2 - Cuzi Kung Fu Training Program) Foundation course Cuzi level.

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Kung fu is a Chinese form of self defence, which improves fitness, self-confidence, and discipline.It was established within the Buddhist culture and rooted deeply in the spiritual nature of Buddhism.

Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy is located in El Paso, Texas.School Goals Learning to defend oneself while getting in shape, making life long friendships and learning to work well with others are some of the goals obtained at the North York Wing Chun Kung Fu School.Shaolin Kung Fu It is said that the Shaolin temple was founded in 495AD, with its original purpose to serve as a Buddhist monastery.The kung fu itself is great fun to watch, from the discipline of balancing on one foot on a wooden pillar, the other in the air, for hours at a time to the confrontations that send fist and feet.

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If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you will have noticed that I personally focus more on fighting arts from Southeast Asia.However, some of them are offered in optional classes, but all of them can be trained full-time if you wish to.

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The origin of all martial arts leads back to the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan Province in China. 1500 years before the Indian monk Bodhidharma (also known as Ta Mo) came in the Shaolin temple and found the Shaolin monks in a catastrophic health condition.Surrrounded by Lush greenery in the midst of mountains, Gurukul offers variety of training modules for attendees which includes authentic combat Shaolin Kung Fu.This is true of the aftermath of the Ching takeover in China for example and the grandmasters who are claimed to have escaped the burning Shaolin Temple may be metaphors or totally made up.Everybody was kung fu fighting after they learned how to do the Chinese martial art Shaolin kung fu from Sifu Karl Romain in these Howcast videos.In addition to the fighting style, it also includes mental exercises and religious practices designed to balance the whole body.

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While most martial arts schools appeal primarily to children, over 80% of our students are adults, with at least 30% being woman.Start your first steps in the way of the warrior by learning the basic techniques of the Shaolin.Is this the same as the "kung fu" TV series?.Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts is a Kung Fu school offering martial arts classes in San Jose, California (Bay Area).